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KIDS de Larry Clark...
In mid-90s Manhattan, the nihilistic Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick) is busy deflowering virgins. He doesn't just enjoy the sex and act of taking young girl's virginity though -- he believes that he can avoid STDs this way. After finishing with his latest conquest (Sarah Henderson), Telly bums around town with his friend Casper (Justin Pierce) looking for some kind of distraction .

One of Telly's former sex partners, Jennie (Chloë Sevigny), and her friend Ruby (Rosario Dawson) receive mixed news at a public health clinic. The promiscuous Ruby is clean, but Jennie (who has only had sex once, with Telly) is HIV positive. The news devastates Jennie, who will spend much of the film searching for the wandering Telly.

Telly & Casper have several adventures: buying weed in the park, shoplifting a "40" of malt liquor from a Korean Guy (Johnathan Staci Kim) of whom they make fun of, beating up a man who "disses" them, and finally winding up at a teen party that night. Eventually we find that Telly has seduced a thirteen year old girl, and is busy deflowering her. Jennie (who took a strange drug earlier) arrives and passes out on a couch. A drunken Casper takes advantage of the situation to rape Jennie, perpetuating the HIV cycle.

The audience can hear Telly's voice-over explaining that without sex, his life has no purpose. The film finishes with Casper waking up the following morning and asking to no-one in particular, "Jesus Christ, what has happened?"
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